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Welcome toVenture Hand Therapy

Venture Hand Therapy is dedicated to the promise of providing excellent hand and upper extremity rehabilitation to individuals who possess a variety of orthopedic and neurological diagnoses.

  • Our therapists specialize in upper extremity therapy only
  • Director, Tim Lupien, MOT, OTR, CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) has over 35+ years of experience treating patients
  • We also specialize in the treatment of impaired upper extremities which are the result of Stroke and Head Injury
Venture Hand Therapy

We have been in existence for over 35+ years in Georgia, providing quality care to people who rely on their arms and hands for a productive, functional and independent way of life.


  • Physical Therapy Stockbridge GA
  • Physical Therapy Stockbridge GA
  • Physical Therapy Stockbridge GA
  • Physical Therapy Stockbridge GA
  • Physical Therapy Stockbridge GA
  • Physical Therapy Stockbridge GA
  • When I first arrived at Venture Hand Therapy, Tim assured me that I would regain function of my wrist, but it would take time. Tim and the staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.…

    Nancy L.

  • I have had a nagging case of tennis elbow for the past 4 months. My physician referred me to Venture Hand Therapy. They treated my symptoms and assisted me with reducing the inflammation at my elbow.…

    Bill J.

  • Tim made me night splints for my hands. They were comfortable and I noticed within 10 days that my pain was not as bad.…

    Betty G.

  • I am 60 years old and noticed arthritis in my hands, especially my right thumb. I had difficulty turning the key in my ignition.…

    Harry S.

  • I was initially devastated due to my partial amputation. Tim helped me through my loss and also reassured me that my hand would be extremely functional.…

    Mary E.

  • Tim issued me a home program and this has helped me maintain the progress I made while I attended the out-patient program. This is a great place to go and receive treatment for hand injuries.…

    Jack M.

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