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I injured my wrist at work. I fell at work, when I was carrying a 35lb. crate. I fractured my radius and required pins and a plate in order to heal my break. When I first arrived at Venture Hand Therapy, Tim assured me that I would regain function of my wrist, but it would take time. Tim and the staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. With time, I acquired my lost movement and strength. I would recommend anyone who has hurt their hand to this center.

Nancy L.

I play tennis in the ALTA league in metro Atlanta. I have had a nagging case of tennis elbow for the past 4 months. My physician referred me to Venture Hand Therapy. They treated my symptoms and assisted me with reducing the inflammation at my elbow. My pain subsided after 2 weeks of treatment. The staff was professional and I enjoyed the supportive environment. I was issued a home treatment program and I returned to playing tennis within 5 weeks.

Bill J.

I work for a large airline. I am involved with reservations. My wrists began hurting and became numb at night 8 months ago. I was referred to Venture Hand therapy in order to receive treatment for my carpal tunnel symptoms. Tim made me night splints for my hands. They were comfortable and I noticed within 10 days that my pain was not as bad. Also, he instructed me in stretching and exercises that assisted me with my ability to complete my job related duties. I highly recommend this facility and Tim to anyone who has carpal tunnel.

Betty G.

I am 60 years old and noticed arthritis in my hands, especially my right thumb. I had difficulty turning the key in my ignition. Any activity that required a forceful pinch of my right thumb hurt significantly. I went to Venture Hand Therapy and received treatment. Tim fabricated a custom made splint for my thumb. I noticed that my thumb did not hurt as bad. Also, I received treatment for my swollen thumb. He used electrical stimulation and ultrasound. My symptoms went away within about two weeks. I am glad I went there because my thumb was killing me and I really didn't want surgery.

Harry S.

I work in a chicken processing plant. I work quartering chickens all day. Unfortunately, I sliced off the top part of my forefinger. I lost the tip of my finger in an accident. I was initially devastated due to my partial amputation. Tim helped me through my loss and also reassured me that my hand would be extremely functional. He helped me reduce the initial pain/swelling at my finger. Once those symptoms calmed down, therapy was designed to teach me new ways of using my finger and hand. When I became hurt, I never thought my hand would work normally. At Venture Hand Therapy, I learned new ways to use my hand/fingers effectively. I have returned to work and I believe I am more productive today than ever. I will refer people to Venture Hand Therapy in the future.

Mary E.

I have worked as a truck driver for over 30 years. I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands. I received treatment at Venture Hand Therapy. My numbness subsided and now I pick up my twin 3-year-old grandsons with no difficulty. Tim issued me a home program and this has helped me maintain the progress I made while I attended the out-patient program. This is a great place to go and receive treatment for hand injuries.

Jack M.

Recently, I had a stroke. I am only 55 years old. Strokes run in my family. My dad and brother had strokes in their fifties. My right arm and hand had incomplete movement and my coordination was not good. I had difficulty doing simple things like buttoning a shirt, feeding myself and handwriting. Tim gave me a bunch of exercises that helped me improve my movement and my coordination. At first, I felt so clumsy. After 2 months of therapy, my right arm is moving well. I am able to pick up small items. My dexterity is much better and I am able to perform all my everyday activities. I enjoyed going to the clinic because there were other folks there who had strokes. I made some great friendships there and the staff at Venture Hand Therapy was great and fun to be with.

Mark B.